About us

What is e-tadreeb ?

The goal of the site:

  • 1. Help others raise their proficiency to the highest possible level.
  • 2. Motivate professional skills through training plans to benefit from the specialists' experience in the same field.
  • 3. Facilitate the training process to be by hand, so it can be accessed in a simplest way using personal devices.
  • 4. Use the web as a fast and easy way to reach the largest segment of people: young, adults, male and female.
  • 5. Skip the temporal and spatial obstacles to be trained at any time and from anywhere in the world via recorded videos.
  • 6. Put some questions and exercises for some systematic training courses to get the training course certificate.

e-tadreeb is designed to help both faculty and students better understand the different kinds of e-learning models and to provide a standard models to encourage effective sharing of data about e-learning, at both the individual course and the curriculum level.

Why people love e-tadreeb ?

Our Focus

Richer Content 90%
Professional Educators 95%
Training Methodologies 85%
Success 100%